Coreless Incense

As I mentioned previously, I ordered some coreless incense to see if I can tolerate it better than my usual Nag Champa.

It arrived today and I tried one of the two scents right away for an impromptu house cleansing (I got some sage for this purpose, but have yet to use it – and I don’t have a dish or shell to burn it in yet). I wanted to allow this stuff it’s full power over me to determine if it will aggravate my sensitivities. Carrying it around the house right near my face is perfect for this purpose.

Believe it or not, I have not needed to rush to the washroom to rinse out my contacts and let my eyes breath like I usually do after burning incense. This is fantastic news. I am a little sad that I can’t get my beloved Nag Champa as a coreless, but the Vanilla that I purchased from is NagChampa-esque. It is vaguely reminiscent of the generic new-age store smell. The other scent I purchased is called “raindrops.” I haven’t burned it yet, but the stick smells like your usual, commercial, febreze-type air freshener. Not necessarily a bad smell, if you are into that kind of scent. The website sells over 40 different coreless scents and there are also some highly recommended Japanese-brand coreless sticks, so I have plenty of options.

I was going to go with Japanese incense originally, but I went with the brand i did because the containers come with these nifty adaptors that fit into standard incense holders in order to accommodate a thicker end. Here’s a picture:

Incense in Holder

My other issue with incense, of course, is health related. Just because I’m not physically suffering at the moment doesn’t mean it’s good for me. I usually reason that if I am going to do something unhealthy, it better be damn-good and near nirvanic. This is why I don’t get it when other people eat a sub-par sweet and say, it was “OK.” Seriously, if I am going to dump a bunch of sugar and/or food coloring into my body – that sweet better be the best (I am very picky about my sweets). Now that I have found an incense that isn’t physically unpleasant to use, I will make the occasional exception to my usual good-health habits in order to burn it.

It is nice that I can easily break these sticks to burn shorter portions, or even flip a full stick over to smother the end in the adaptor when I am done with it.

if any of you are considering buying incense from the same place as I, you should know that the end of the adaptor that fits into the holder is a screw – so it might enlarge the hole on your holder a little when you twist it for a secure fit. You’ll probably want to dedicate a holder just for use with the adaptor.

i’m quite pleased to have found an incense that I can use. 🙂


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  1. Interesting. I just wish it was truly pure, as in, no fragrance oils. I wont be buying from them, but I hope you found something that helps.

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  2. I’m super sensitive to chemicals and smells and also very health conscious. My two suggestions, given all those caveats are Shoyeido brand (only particular ones from this line: My personal preferences are Golden Pavillion and Moss Garden). These are coreless and I use them in a regular wood incense holder without an adapter.

    My other preferred incense is frankincense and/or Myrhh resin on Swift- Lite brand charcoal rounds. The only caveat being, the little smell that comes off from the charcoal when it’s lighting is awful, so I light it under a strong exhaust fan or outdoors with the wind blowing it away from me. You can get the cleanest and most environmentally responsible resins (imo) from here: and the charcoal rounds here:

    I miss Nag Champa too. As a teen, I used to go through the industrial sized boxes with impunity, but even one (even unlit) stick, now, would have me in fits.

    Thought you might like to know about more options. 🙂


    • Fortunately for me, I can still appreciate an unlit stick of Nag Champa. I keep a box of it in my closet for that effect. I have come across the shoyeido brand, but have yet to try any. I am very particular about scents I like and couldn’t afford to get something I wouldn’t end up using. I don’t like strong floral scents or most scents that claim to imitate types of weather (rain, a summer day, mountain breeze, etc). I’ll get around to sampling some Shoyeido someday though. I’ve never heard good things about charcoal – it either smokes a lot or sparks and makes a racket – but I have yet to try it for myself.


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