ADF Dedicant Path: First Book

There was no specific writing assigned for this week. My only task was to pick out my Indo-European studies text from the ADF recommended reading list.

I chose A History of Pagan Europe by Prudence Jones:

A History of Pagan Europe

I have no particularly interesting reason for why I chose it except that it was available on Amazon, the price was right, and I liked the cover. I’ll probably end up reading the entire recommended reading list on my own eventually, so the choices for my DP work are largely arbitrary.

In other reading news, most of my school texts have arrived in the post. Classes start next week and I am hoping not to fall too far behind on the DP during the school semester. If I do, it’s not a terribly big deal. The biggest conflict will be keeping up with requirements that have to be completed in a consecutive, non stop fashion (such as the 5 months of meditation work or all High Days celebrated in one calendar year). If it turns out that I can’t meet the official requirements because of school conflicts, I may or may not start over for the sake of obtaining recognition from ADF. I am doing this for my own personal needs, not a piece of paper.


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  1. Good choice! I read that one for my first requirement too, it’s an interesting read and gives a good overview of similarities between different european paganisms. I’m currently falling behind in DP stuff too due to general life and work things, but the joy of it is it’s pretty self-paced. The 5 months of meditation is a doozy, though, and I haven’t kept up with it as much as I would have liked!

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  2. This is an amazing book! I added it to my library years ago!

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