ADF Dedicant Path: Nature Awareness (essay prep.)

I’m not going to post all of my nature-awareness related stuff on this blog. I’m planning to start a nature journal in addition to the required meditation journal, both of which I will refer to later when it comes time to write final essays.

From time to time, however, I will feel like sharing something of particular interest from my nature awareness related activities (outside of those required by DP wheel of the year weekly assignments).

And now, onto the point of this post 🙂

I have a brown thumb. Or, at least I am dreadfully paranoid that I do. After a few (very few) attempts to care for potted plants, I avoided owning any again for the longest time. I managed to kill a succulent desert plant, among others. Who does that? I mean, really? Perhaps I overwatered it (a common mistake). It was so long ago, I can’t remember what I did or didn’t do. I also lost a bonsai because my cat knocked it from a very high shelf to its death. That one wasn’t entirely my fault, but hey, my cat – my responsibility. Now that I have three dogs and three cats, having house plants is out of the question.

I’ve contemplated the idea of starting a vegetable garden. Something small and manageable (or as much as can be for a plant-killer such as myself), but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

The saddest part is that I crave plants and greenery, moreso than your average joe. I especially love trees. I really wanted to bonsai thing to work out. But I have been so traumatized knowing that I am responsible for the death of even a single tree. I have similar feelings about fish. I went through a fish phase. I tried a lot harder to manage my fish than I ever did my plants. I was going to make it work, dammit! I kept my fish alive longer than my plants, but they still died too soon. I also managed to kill a red-headed agama within three days of bringing him home. Perhaps he was already sick – but it added to my paranoia nonetheless.

I am great with furry mammals. They make sense to me. Their needs aren’t too alien relative to my own. The problem with lizards, fish, and especially plants is that they are lifeforms entirely different from me. I can’t relate to them. I don’t recognize what they need intuitively. It’s a lot easier when care come intuitively than from a book.

Well, anyway, I decided I am older (hopefully wiser) now and ready to take on responsibility for an alien lifeform again. I’ve been feeling the plant fever all summer – I need them! I’ve loitered over all the pretty trees and cacti and mossy things in Whole Foods every time I go there. My husband always tells me to get one, and I say no – until now. I got a little “money tree.” I had gone over there planning to get a cacti or something hardy (never mind that I have killed a desert plant already), but the tree spoke to me. I love trees the most. I brought my money tree home, pruned a couple broken branches, sealed the wounds, watered it lightly and brought it with me the next day to keep in my office on campus (so my pets can’t get at it).

If I am to really pass this nature awareness requirement, I need to get over my fear of killing non-mammalian life and get to know some of it more intimately. I can do this!

Meet my new tree, I named her “Pretty Penelope”

Potted Money Tree

I’ve ordered a pebble tray for her – it should be here next week. She will live long and prosper (^^)


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  1. I used to tell people that giving me a plant was the equivalent to signing it’s death warrant, LOL. Then I started gardening. I started small, but now my garden is ridiculously huge, highly productive, and my own personal wild place & sanctuary. My house plants seem to be pretty healthy too. Since ‘out of sight is out of mind’ tends to be my mode of operation often, I’ve had to create reminders to do simple things, and my iphone has proven most useful in keeping me on track.


  2. I should also mention that I’ve always loved communing with plants, I just wasn’t very good at taking care of them for a long time.

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