Ok Woden, I’ll hang With You a While

First things first. I got a pendulum. It’s so pretty!

Quartz Pendulum

I got the pendulum to see if I can get a confirmation or rejection of my interpretation of other omens. Last week, I asked the Powers for some guidance on which deities I should begin introducing myself to. I don’t mind getting to know several at once, but there are way too many to develop close relationships with simultaneously. I drew a rune for advice and got the rune Wunjo. Not knowing the runes very well yet, I had to look online for deities associated with this rune. The first results gave Frige and I was down with that, but then I found out that the rune is better associated with Woden. In my last post, I explained that Woden intimidates me and I am a bit afraid of introducing myself to him directly. I reasoned that getting to know Frige first might be easier.

Well, yesterday, with my pendulum, I sought more advice. I did my pendulum inquiries during the workings portion of my devotional right (on a side note – I am trying to learn the full COoR during daily devotionals by following this guide on the ADF website, since my attempts to do full rites in the past have been less than exemplary – stumbling over words and mixing up the order of things, etc).

Before I began the rite, I cleansed my pendulum with white sage and charged it with the chime bells I use for beginning my devotionals. I proceeded to ask it to show me yes, no, and maybe/uncertain. I had some reservations about this. Despite all the crazy supernatural events in my life, I have always been a skeptic about my own ability access those mysterious parts of my subconscious or to communicate directly with anything else outside myself. I was expecting to get conflicting results, expecting it would show me the same swinging motion for two different responses or not be consistent. Instead I was impressed with how clear and, so far, reliable the results were. The pendulum gave me a clear result for each of yes, no and maybe and it returned the correct response for two test questions. I went into my rite feeling hopeful and confident.

I drew multiple runes this time, asking again for guidance on which deities to get to know first. I drew one rune for each of the three kindred to get their unique advice to me. The ancestors recommended Tiw, the Nature Spirits Thunor, and the Dieties gave me the rune Othilo, associated with Woden as was Wunjo. I asked my pendulum to confirm these results and my interpretation of them. I asked if I should get to know Tiw or Thunor. The pendulum said “maybe” for both of these. I asked about Frige, per my last rune-drawing. Again “maybe.” Ugh, I was getting discouraged. All these “maybes” leaving me just as lost as I was before. I am tired of being lost. I am lost in my real life and in the spiritual world. I don’t know the right path, don’t know where I fit in or belong. It’s been this way for too long. Anyway, I got to the last rune and nervously asked my pendulum again. I wasn’t afraid of another maybe, I was afraid of a yes. I was hesitant to respond to Woden’s invitation before and wasn’t feeling much more comfortable about it this time. I didn’t want my personal conscious biases to interfere so I tried my best to communicate that I wanted the most objective answer possible for what is best for me. I got a yes for Woden. I tried again, holding the pendulum in my other and, another yes.

I felt anxiety and relief at the same time. Relief at receiving something better than an uncertain response, and anxiety, of course, because, well . .Woden, the wise All-father whose “fatherly” nature isn’t exactly one of his most advertised traits (though I’ve heard from those who treat the different spellings of his name as different faces of the same deity that Woden is his slightly less intimidating face – I can only hope) . In a bit of a nervous panic, I asked about Frige again – thinking I could get to Woden through her (like a kid getting to the tougher parent through the softer one). This time I asked if Frige had any particular interest in me. The answer was a clear no. Obviously, all the deities appreciate praise and honor, so that explains the “maybe” to the getting to know her question, but the answer was clear: Woden is the one who either has something valuable to teach me or whom I can do something for at this time.

Out of more curiosity (and an extra thank you to the Powers for lingering with me at my altar for a while longer) i asked about the non-germanic deity i have been curious about. I got a no for that one.

Well, Okie Dokie then, I am going to be strong and have a visit with Woden in the near future. I will also be strengthening ties with Thunor and a select few Germanic deities whom I am particularly drawn to.


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  1. I bought one of these recently, I have yet to prepare it but I am very excited I finally got it!

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    • Pendulums are exiting indeed, so I’ve learned already 🙂 I like that the pendulum accesses my higher conscious to assess or respond to divine messages (or just the former if you don’t believe in the later). I don’t always trust my conscious choices nor do I trust random spirits I don’t know well (yet) telling me what to do. The pendulum seems to be a great way to get in touch with the truth buried deep within.

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