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Now that all the cool kids are saying good things about Seb, I’d be hanging out here in the passive club looking like a tool if I didn’t say a word or two too. I usually avoid conflict, drama, and trending things and topics. I will almost immediately scowl when I hear the word “trending” about anything. This is also why I don’t have any tattoos. I’m being a rebel over here in the otherwise trendy-tatoo generation.

I don’t know Seb very well. Not just because he’s only an online acquaintance, but because I only became aware of his existence this past summer when I started blogging. His blog was one of the very first that I followed after joining WordPress. Besides being pagan, we don’t have a whole lot in common. I am freakishly modest, I don’t swear, I’m moderate in my woo and upg, not a demonolator and, although very Loki-friendly, I’m not Lokean. All of this could change of course, I am living being and still sorting out my spirituality among other things. Nevertheless, I am very open minded. I tend to be drawn to people who are on the excessively liberal side of fun and taboo. They are fun people. Seb is a fun person. His blog is full of fun stuff, informative stuff, and stuff that leaves me in perpetual states of confusion. So of course I followed it.

I soon found out about his Etsy store and spiritual services (barely weeks before he stopped offering the latter). I contacted him about said spiritual services and, far from hustling me, he advised me that his services may not be what I need. He also volunteered a lot of helpful information without asking for a dime.

I spent all summer oggling the pretty things in his shop, watching them sell as I waited for my own funds. I finally purchased something and have one more thing on the way that my husband purchased for me. I love the things he makes, his attitude, and his openly friendly demeanor. Despite constantly warning us that he won’t give out excessive info requests for free, it is in his nature, as far as my limited experience with him, to give more than he can afford of himself.

I don’t know any of the people speaking bad of him. I know there are always two sides to every story and I can’t objectively say whose right or wrong. I’m just here to say that my experience with Seb has only ever been good. So take that as you will.

And just because I feel like sharing, here’s my first piece of Seb-made jewelry:



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