I Walk the Line

No. This has nothing to do with Johnny Cash – And I’m not ashamed to admit that I can’t stand the guy.

In my last post, I said that I am the night, but I am not the scary night. I feel like elaborating. I like gothic things and dark things, but not evil things. There is a difference between dark and evil, most of you pagan people get this. I prefer to hang out on the dark side – they have COOKIES! – but remain within sight of the light.

When I was a teen I recall talking to my father about a dark movie I liked, and he said “but I thought you hated scary shows.” I had to explain to him that I like dark shows, not evil shows. At the time, I didn’t know how to articulate that difference so I think I explained it as liking romanticized evil.

(please forgive lack of smooth transition to next paragraph – I just want to say what I want to say and not write a term paper, lol)

I will always root for the villain in movies, whether or not the movie is set up so that we are supposed to do so. My imaginary self is a super villain. Even though I intimidate no one in this world (recall bat meme from previous post), my friends and family know me as an aspiring evil mastermind. Last Yule, My brother got me a book for plotting my plans for world domination. He and the rest think its all fun and games. But you just wait guys, this meek looking bat is going to surprise you someday 😉

And when I do, a movie will be made of my life. I expect this to be the theme song:


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  1. That reminds me of how when we were little kids and watched He-Man, my brother would always root for Skeletor, and he used to wish that Skeletor would come to our house and kidnap him so he could live in Castle Grayskull!

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    • He-Man! funny you should mention it. I can hardly remember the show, but I remember very well having recurring nightmares as a kid that Skeletor was after me and I would offer to marry him and be his queen so that he wouldn’t hurt me – because for some reason, in my dreamland, such bargains made perfect sense. I guess I had it in my subconscious mind to become a villain before I even knew it.


  2. I’ve made some notes already and was planning to write a book in about three books time from the point of view of the villain and to explore his/her drivers and motivations. I do know what you mean about the villains though and am looking forward to turning on the news one day to see what costume you go with, what name you go by and what dastardly plan you hatch!

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