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No particular theme to this post – just felt like checking in and rambling. Because I can.

I made it to Thanksgiving break. Then there’s just a couple more weeks after the break break – I can make it! I am barely hanging onto motivation to complete final requirements, but I must lest I risk having to pay back financial aid. Boo to 20 page papers 😦

For now, I have a little breathing room to recoup before the final stretch. Time to catch up, rest, spend some time with the gods and ancestors, celebrate my birthday (this Sunday). I have felt the presence of Hela and Freyja especially strongly the past couple of weeks, but besides a ritual on the night of the attack on Paris, I have not been actively responding to or seeking correspondence with any of the Kindreds because SCHOOL.

Speaking of the Paris ritual, I’d like to share some things about it. As soon as I sat before my altar, I was troubled. Not because of the deaths that led me there in the first place, but because I realized that I was selectively recognizing only a small portion of the pain and suffering in the world. Despite all else that I had in my mind to say before I sat down, the first thing I did was apologize for treating the deaths in Paris and somehow more significant than those caused by similar, but less publicized circumstances. Before I formally acknowledged this problem to myself and the deities, I felt strangely uncompelled to change my Facebook picture to the trending French-flag overlay. At first, I reasoned that it had something to do with my personal relationship with Paris (long story, just bad memories), but I haven’t felt the same aversion towards the city as I have in the past – time can heal somethings, apparently. Hindsight, I don’t think my personal situation had anything to do with my resistance. Something about it just felt wrong. My subconscious was a step ahead.

I soon discovered that I was not the only one to experience the feeling. Comments on Facebook and blog posts here demonstrated that many people were choosing not to change their profile pictures for the same reason as I. Terrorism and other forms of violence are occurring all over the world. I am sad for Paris and the people affected, but if I displayed the French flag, I might as well say that I do not care about the rest of the world. I know this is hardly a novel concern, now that everyone else has already expressed the same. I just wanted to say I am glad that I am not alone with it.

In other ramble-news, penny activity as started up again. Haven’t had a penny situation in years. So far, it’t not too dramatic, but it started out gradual last time too. I won’t share too many details here. Suffice it to say that the exact situation is hard for me to believe myself, let alone to convince anyone else to believe it.

Not too much else worth sharing at the moment, but expect some more posts over the next few days before another two week hiatus as I struggle through the end of the semester.


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  1. You make some excellent points about the Paris attacks. I am still thinking on what to say and do about the whole thing myself, and partly for the same reasons you’ve just explained.

    But, congratulations on making it to your break, and Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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