Surprise Gift

I recently received my completed custom-order necklace from Seb. It’s beautiful and I will review it later, but this review is for a different necklace, “Loki the Cat”

This one is a gift from my husband (a Yule gift that I received early with a little help from Loki 😉 )

I love it so much! It’s a good sign if I wear a new necklace two or more days in a row. Just one of you try and tell me this beauty wasn’t made for me:



It’s my very first Loki devotional piece. I placed in on my alter the night before I wore it to let Loki know I’m wearing it in his honor (I do that with most of my devotional jewelry – lay it on my alter to formally dedicate it to a deity or other spirit).

I’ve been giving Loki a shifty look whenever I’ve sensed his presence before – Last summer, I was still on the fence about going the “real” (reconstructionist) Heathen route. I’ve gone more rogue since then, obviously, but I felt like any formal Loki correspondence would be a more official declaration of what side I am on and I wasn’t ready for that. But the time has finally come. So, Hi Loki! Welcome to my life (^ᴗ^)۶



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  1. Sebastian Lokason

    Reblogged this on Aloha From Hell and commented:
    Another satisfied customer! (also welcome to Loki Club. we have… cookies and stuff)

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