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Checking in Again and Sharing More Videos

I realize that my youtube channel has taken over just a bit. I haven’t forgotten about blogging. I have posts planned, and plenty of Dedicant material I still need to get up. But I have so much going on right now that it’s hard to keep up. I have several personal projects going on and my temporary job taking up my time.

I really want to do my Dedicant Oath during this year’s Lughnasadh ritual, so I need to get to writing and catching up! Good news is that I am keeping up with meditation, so that’s something.

I held my Charming of the Plough rite yesterday. I am so excited to start planting my garden. I hope hope hope, really hope, that I can successfully grow something, haha.

Well, anyway, here are my most recent videos: One is about Aspergers and assorted aspects of my identity, the other is for week 9 of the YouTube pagan challenge.

Being a 5w4 Pagan INTJ Autistic Empath

YouTube Pagen Challenge Week 9 (Journals)

YouTube Pagan Challenge Weeks 7 and 8

Hey guys! Here are a couple more videos. I forgot to share week 7 previously, so it’s here along with the current week 8.

YouTube Pagan Challenge Week7 (Mythological Texts) + Witchy Life Update

YouTube Pagan Challenge Week 8 (Patron Deity)

YouTube Pagan ChallengeWeeks 5 and 6

Here are my videos for weeks 5 and 6 of the pagan YouTube challenge (I forgot to share them here when I first uploaded them).

Week 5: “What does this time of year mean to you?”

YouTube Pagan Challenge Week 5 (Imbolc)

Week 6: “What are your cultural influences?”

YouTube Pagan Challenge Week 6 (Cultural Influences)

ADF Dedicant Path: Fifth High Day Recap (Imbolc)


My grove celebrated Imbolc on January 30th. We honored Bride as patron. Manannán mac Lir was the gatekeeper. I am feeling increasingly more comfortable around the people in my grove and, for this reason, feel more spiritually connected than I did during the first few High Days I attended with them. I brought my own praise offerings and spoke my praise out loud as I did last time. Even though I waffle over whether or not I believe the Powers can hear our thoughts, speaking out loud results in a more powerful experience for me. A particular highlight of this ritual were the tea candles we were allowed to take home with us. One of the grove members brought a candle that had been blessed at a shrine to Bride/St. Brigid in Kildare, Ireland and used it to light the tea candles. I could definitely feel Bride’s presence during the rite. The omens drawn to know whether or not the Gods, and Bride specifically, accepted our offerings were positive. The omen drawn asking for Bride’s word of wisdom to us was the rune, Elhaz, which I took to be more of a blessing than imparted wisdom, though it could be either.


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