Energy Work and Auras

I have been stuck on lesson two of the Kitchen Witch course for, what, three weeks? I’ve lost track. It’s all about energy work. A tough subject to start out with, for me anyway. But I am glad that having a lesson plan has forced me into territory I have avoided before due to lack of confidence in my abilities. I have impressed myself with my progress so far, and impressing myself is a rare thing.

Although not one of the required homework activities, the lesson plan led me to attempt seeing my own aura. Most of the lesson is about feeling rather than seeing auras and energy signatures.

The first activity required feeling aura of another person. I have never tried this before, nor have I ever tried seeing auras. I also had no previous knowledge of aura color associations. I used my husband for this activity and I “felt” his color even though my eyes were closed. I also felt the physical energy, but I didn’t expect the strong color association. I attempted twice, in different locations, to see his aura with my eyes open and I definitely saw a fuzzy cloud of light grey.

Encouraged by this beginners-luck experience, I immediately went to work on seeing my own aura. At first, I got nothing. I almost got excited when I saw my own shadow on the wall – not that having a grey aura is something to be excited about, lol. But finally seeing my own color (around my head anyway) took some practice. At first it was not so clear and I wasn’t confident that what I saw wasn’t just a figment of my mind or the lighting. But then it happened. I saw it very clearly and then I tried again just to be sure. Yep, I have an aura! And I can see it! This is so exciting.

At first it looks almost bright white, but that seems to be what I see first as my eyes adjust to the input. It eventually turns into a very translucent mint green (or Celedon). Better than grey, but I am a bit skeptical as to how accurately this color fits me. I just wrote the following about my doubts on my journal in the KitchenWitch forum:

“I certainly wish I fit the description for this color, but i don’t know. A healer? A gardener? I’m only just this year trying my hand at gardening. My past is full of nothing but brown thumb experiences and many dead fish and one lizard Sad
Maybe my aura is green because of my current aspirations?
As for healing people, dunno about that either. I do think of myself as an empath, but I am not good with face to face interaction. I am blunt and can come across as rude and uncaring. I don’t know how to act when people cry. But I have a big heart under all the autistic behaviors. I wish I knew how to use it for the benefit of others. *shrug* dunno. Maybe I am seeing the color wrong. Or maybe I am slowly becoming the person I wish I was, but my conscious awareness of it hasn’t caught up with me. :o”

I really would like to believe that this color is indicative of my current efforts and life progress. I’ve also read a few interpretations of this color (and transparency) that aren’t all good, so there’s that too. But, whatever, I’m just tickled pink (or green :p) that I can see (at least part of) my aura. Woot!



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  1. I only ever had an aura reading once, and apparently mine was black. I’m just that Metal! Green sounds pretty good for a Druid though.

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  2. I have to really concentrate in the right light to see them. And when I’m trying, it reminds me of looking at those Magic Eye books from the 90s! It takes me a few minutes, but when it finally happens, it’s amazing! 😀 Glad you can see it, too!!

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