Thoughts on Public Hexing

Articles, such as this one, about the mass-Hexing of Brock Turner have been published and are making their way around social media. While the hexing is not an event I participated in nor had any desire to participate in, I do not cast judgement on those who chose to participate. I believe everyone should act according to their own moral compasses.

While engaged in discussion about the morality of hexing, it occurred to me that this whole affair isn’t just a matter of morality. Making public that witches can and do still perform hexes can have serious repercussions that the hexers may not have considered.

We’ve only barely begun to escape prejudices and fear-based violence against our kind. This budding freedom has made us a bit too brave and arrogant for our own goods. Do we really want to remind people the impetus that resulted in witch trials and executions in the past?

We’ve spent all this time arguing that those witches weren’t even witches and that witches today don’t harm others. In all of our efforts to escape the negative connotations of old, we have arrived at the other extreme with a “fluffy bunny” association that many now wish to escape. Badass rebels that we finally feel brave enough to be, we advertise that “not all witches follow the rede.” I admit, I am one of those brave rebels. I got caught up in this wave of witchy confidence. I have advertised that I am a grey witch. Saying so is one thing, but publicly sharing a dark-magic ritual is quite another.

The witches who performed the hex rely on the safety net of others’ disbelief. They know they are safe from the law and they take advantage of this. Would any one of these witches  be so confident to inflict such physical pain non-magically? And what what of those who would? Vigilantes, like criminals, know that they are not truly immune from the law, so they do their best to keep their actions under the radar so-to-speak.

Have any of these witches truly thought out the consequences of their hexing? What if Brock really does suffer severe stomach pain or become impotent? Maybe as a result of the hex, and maybe by pure cooincidence. The public fear of witches that we have worked so hard to overcome will be rekindled. This one relatively small act won’t attract the attention of the legal system, secular as it is, but it will certainly spark more vigilante action from those who fear us.

None of my words here are meant to speak for or against the morality of hexing or vigilante actions. I am looking at this purely from a self-preservation perspective. I don’t want the pitchfork mob coming after me because a bunch of vainglorious witches decided to gloat about their hexing.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more with this. For all the reasons stated, plus a couple others. I’m glad you decided to share your thoughts about it!

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