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Deep Time: One More Dial on my Wheel

The more I explore Naturalistic paganism, the less inclined I feel to hold onto lingering superstitions. I still enjoy speculating on the supernatural and remain agnostic, but my spirituality has found a more personally fulfilling home in natural world. If there is a supernatural world, I trust that I will learn of it in good time. Until then, I intend to embrace all that I can of the natural world while I have an Earthly body in which to do so. 

Ironically, I feel more open to spiritual experience since turning away from the supernatural. I am no longer bound by vague deity relationships, orthopraxic rules of semi-reconstructed hearth cultures, or anything save my own code of ethics. I am free to explore and experiment without fear of offending the gods. If there are gods and if they are offended, well that’s on them for being so superfluously elusive. 

With such freedom, however, comes a lack of direction. I am inspired and motivated, but a little lost all the same, so I took a break from formal ritual and Sabbat observance to sort myself out. The first thing I did was revisit my personal wheel of the year. It’s focus on micro seasons and phenology already provides me with a head start into less deity-centric practice, but there is always room for improvement. One aspect I’ve always appreciated about the cyclical observance of the year is the extent to which my observances can vary from year to year as I map the wheel onto other wheels of the greater circle of life and existence. There is so much worth celebrating and no reason to limit myself to the usual. 

Inspired by a recently renewed interest in prehistory, I’ve added cosmic and deep time to the ever increasing set of dials on my personal wheel. I am crazy excited about all the new celebratory possibilities this new dial presents to me. February is always a good time for soup in the cold Rockies, but now I can call my February Sabbat soup a primordial soup! You have no idea how amused I am by this. Or how about my fish for the Spring Equinox? I used to think salad an appropriate choice for this Sabbat, but it’s simply way too cold in March to appreciate a salad. Now I can celebrate the bursting forth of life with toasty tasty fish in recognition of the Age of Fish!  What goes better with a fresh loaf of baked bread than honey? I put honey on my August Cross-Quarter bread regardless, but now? oh boy you guys, NOW –  it’s because this Sabbat aligns with the time when the first honey bees arose. Is this not simply amazing? And oh gosh, how much fun I can have decorating my altar each new season with all these new ideas! 

For the next year, I will engage in deep contemplation of each period and epoch as they arise on my wheel. I intend for my Sabbat observances to focus on deep time while my micro season observances remain focused on local climate and phenology. At the conclusion of this year of contemplation, I will transfer my deep-time wheel to my Book of Spirit.

Cosmic and Deep Time Wheel:

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 8.24.43 AM.png

Micro-Season and Lunar Wheels:

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 8.18.15 AM.png

Note About Lunar Wheel: I name each lunar cycle according to the season in which the full moon falls; consequently, I do not use all 24 moon names each year.

I have so much yet to sort out before my spirituality finds stable ground again, but it seems I am more enthusiastic when in exploratory limbo, so there’s that….¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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