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The First Day of Autumn

Today is the day of the Autumn Equinox. The exact time of the astronomical event is 22:02 UTC (That’s 2:02pm Mountain Time for me). According to Google (and to my brother for whom Google is never wrong) this is the first day of Autumn. Although Google certainly has creepy mass mind-control powers, I don’t get the impression it has convinced most of the U.S. that this is the first day of Autumn. Popular culture seems to be in agreement that Autumn begins either on September 1st or after Labor Day at the very latest. Starbucks, another mass-mind control powerhouse (lol), delivers Autumn with the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte on the first of the month. The overlords of fashion dictate that we wear no white (read: Summer) clothing after Labor Day. Validating pop-culture Autumn are the dependable scientific minds of the Meteorological community, who, for ease of comparing seasons year-to-year, define Autumn as a static three month period neatly consuming the months of September, October, and November.

And then there’s me. A rebel among rebels, welcoming Autumn in August. My fellow Indo-European-based pagans should be with me on this, but it seems even among my own kind, I am not well supported. Undeterred, I continue to follow my own path. My logic blends phenology with ancient custom. The seasons are not as static as the ideological meteorologists would have them, but phenological seasons are a bummer to keep track of.

I, like the meteorologists, quite like a cut-and-dry static model for the seasons. As a pagan, however, I can’t help but notice that the seasons themselves don’t adhere to unequivocal models. They vary each year, but unlike the calendar dates of the solstices and equinoxes, phenological seasons cannot be calculated in advanced, nor can phenologists agree on an exact start date even after the season has begun. Way to be elusive Mother Nature! XD Even if we could pinpoint the exact first day of a season in a particular area, the date would be different in every region. Social species that we are, standard dates for celebration bring us together across long distances.

My first method of approach to seasonal reckoning was to stick with the ancient Celtic calendar (according to which seasons begin on the cross-quarter days) and back it up with the logic that, despite the weather, the longest days of the year should encompass Summer, the shortest, Winter. And yet, I couldn’t help but be distracted by both conflicting weather and conflicting opinions. What to do?

I decided to continue as I had been, welcoming in the seasons at the cross –quarters. At Hlæfmæst (Lammas), I call for Autumn. I bid it to hurry along because I have missed it so. Similarly, I may ask a particular season not to leave yet, because I am not ready. Not that I expect Mother Nature to adhere to my every whim, but the idea of it is in line with the way ancient pagans prayed for longer or shorter seasons per their agricultural needs.

As I welcome the onset of the phenological season, which may or may not begin right away, I consider the “official” start of a season to factor in the length of days as well as the cultural atmosphere. In August, Autumn themes begin to appear in the media, harvest decor creeps into shops around town, and people begin preparing for the onset of the full season. Autumn weather or not, the signs of Autumn appear in August, whether in the balancing length of days (which straddle the equinox) or in the cultural environment.

I may have been wrong to call August unequivocally Autumn in the past, but so too are others for calling it Summer. I witnessed Autumn begin while Summer continued. The cross-quarter months are liminal months. The secular world, too, acknowledges this liminality with Groundhog Day in February. If everyone is so confident that February fits squarely in Winter, then why the superstition concerning groundhogs and early Spring?

The cross-quarter months contain the endings ~and~ beginning of seasons. By all means, wish me a happy Autumn anytime in September, but don’t tell me that it didn’t begin in August or even that Summer is finally over now, as late as the equinox. My liminal-months model, while closer to Nature, still doesn’t box Her in.


Nature Spirit Tarot: Deck Interview

OMG, you guys! I love my Nature Spirit tarot deck even more than when I first found it. I got it back in August, my first RW-style tarot deck. The artwork called to me. It was love at first sight.

But when I started to use it, I became overwhelmed with the complexity of tarot. I put it aside for a while and returned to my runes. Last night, I decided it was time for me and my deck to get properly acquainted. So I did an interview spread. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, but I’ve been afraid. I came across some interview spreads other people have done that indicated tough-love sort of decks, or decks that apparently “hated” them. I didn’t want to find out that the first ever tarot deck that called to me was going to be a difficult one to work with. But it was time. It was time to finally find out. And I am so so so happy with the results.

Here is the spread:


Right away, I was stunned by the presence of three cards from my favorite suit in this deck (the wands) and three of my favorite major arcana cards (the strength card is my especial favorite from this deck). As I began to interpret the cards, I realized that me and this deck, we are going to be friends forever.

Here are the questions and my interpreted answers:

  1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
    • Ace of Wands: I am the latent potential of your creative and spiritual development and a guide to mental clarity.
  2. What are your strengths?
    • II of Wands: My strength lies in helping you to learn from your past experiences and to build from them. I am your guide to new beginnings built on a foundation of your past.
  3. What are your limits?
    • VIII of wands: My strength is aiding your spiritual growth from within, not from without. Don’t expect intervention from an external divine source in your readings.
  4. What do you bring to the table — What are you here to teach me?
    • The Star: I am here to teach you spiritual wisdom and mastery of a quiet mind.
  5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
    • Strength: You must use your own inner strength to tame the beast within and acquire the mental discipline needed to follow the path on which I will lead you.
  6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
    • You will learn to quiet your mind, to slow down, observe, meditate, and reflect before taking action. With my guidance, you will find inner peace and perpetual spiritual growth.

How lovely is all that? This is a very spiritual deck and will help me more with internal than external concerns. This is exactly what I need at this time. This is what I have needed for a long time. I have severe anxiety and stress. I can do very little without fretting so much about messing up, that I really do mess up. I am rarely relaxed even when doing something I love. I worry about perfection even when I am the only one to witness what I am doing. I really really really need to access my inner strength and find inner peace. I need to seriously chill out, detach from all the stresses around me, and get a grip. :p With the guidance of this tarot deck, I may finally be able to do this! \(^^)/

Yummy Tea!

I finally got try some tea from The Forest Witch on Etsy. XD

I ordered the Full Moon tea and the Ancestors tea. A lot of her current teas have coconut or ginger, both of which I don’t like. Actually, I love coconut, I just can’t stand it in a tea. I’m the odd one out, though, because it is one of the most popular flavors in dessert-teas.

Never mind specific flavors, I tend not to like a lot of flavored teas in general. But it’s been a long time since my last tea-exploration phase, so I decided to sample outside my comfort zone and glad I did!

The ancestors tea is pretty good! I shared a cup with my ancestors, of course, and posted a review on, where I log all my teas.

I haven’t tried the Full Moon tea yet, but I’m optimistic! I can always reserve it exclusively for ritual offering if it’s not my cuppa.

My Yuletide Vacation

Hello Everyone! I have returned from my trip home to Montana. I didn’t have any time for blogging while I was away. I didn’t even have enough time to do everything I wanted to do there. At least I didn’t have the flu this year. Still, leaving home is just as difficult every time I have to do it.

It’s so weird to think that just 12 years ago, I was at home, in my room in my parents house and one spontaneous decision at that time to send an IM to a seedy looking older guy led me to where I am now – especially since I almost didn’t send that IM. Crazy how the smallest decisions can have such a significant impact on one’s life.

Even though I couldn’t do everything, I still managed to get a lot done in just a week.

I visited my Alma Mater (3 universities later, it’s still my favorite campus). My mother bought me a bunch of alumni and school spirit souvenirs. Kind of ironic since I was so anti-school spirit back in the day. Here’s me hanging out in the classroom where I had my first physics class my first semester of college:


I got a helix piercing. I’ve been wanting one forever and have been putting it off because I am not impulsive when it comes to body modification. I only have (had) my ear lobe piercings. But when I was in the mall I decided now or never and did a big no-no letting someone pierce me with a gun. I’ll be getting my other ear done at a proper piercing place after this one heals. I can’t wait till I can change the jewelry.


I visited as many of my favorite places as I had time for and mourned the loss of some places that are no more (Leaf and Bean, why have you abandoned me??). I want to go back sometime during warmer weather so I can go hiking or take some scenic drives. There’s no place like Montana!

I hope to get back on track with my ADF dedicant path this coming year, now that I should have some more time. I probably won’t continue with weekly ADF blog posts, but will post the DP required writings.

I have a pretty simple new year’s resolution this year: no hair trims! I’ve been trying to grow my hair long again, but I also discovered self-trimming. I spent all year and part of the previous year cutting off new growth to experiment with techniques, hemlines, and layers. I have most of my layers grown out currently and I won’t mess with it again till next December. My hair is currently just above waste and my goal length is somewhere around tailbone.

I hope everyone reading this has the best new year ever!!


Snow Day!

As my 15-year long university “career” finally comes to a close, I got to experience my first ever full-day campus closure. I used to think it was par for the course that snow days didn’t happen in the Rocky Mountain states.  I would laugh at news of the sunny states closing for half an inch of snow, while repressing my jealousy.

There have been some early morning closures at the schools I have attended, a grace period to get the roads and campus plowed, but never on a morning that affected me.

I have to proctor an exam on Thursday, and spend the weekend grading. Then I am free!! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

And even better, I will be headed to Montana for a week. I can’t wait! Last year I went home for Yuletide holidays and I got the flu. 😦 I was so mad!! I had the longest-lasting fever I’ve ever had since I was a young child, and it got up there in the worrisome numbers range.

When I first got married 10 years ago, I asked my husband to promise that he would take me back to Montana as soon as possible. 10+ years is not what I had in mind, but future plans still include returning (permanently).  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I can’t stress enough how much I miss home!

Traveling is expensive and I haven’t been able to visit as often as I’d like. I’ve been there twice since I first left. Getting the flu the second time around was such awful luck. I woke up the morning of the 25th last year, determined to make myself presentable for my family’s festivities that day, and I fainted on the way to the bathroom. I have fainted before, but never to such a painful end. I have bouts of low blood pressure, but the fever-induced delirium made it worse. I hit my face on the floor pretty hard, got a wicked bloody chin and a sore neck for a month. I didn’t get to do anything except sit half-alive on a chair in my parent’s living room for the rest of my stay. This year, I’m hoping to see more of my beloved Montana from outside the house :p And go to my favorite places. And eat my favorite food. And see the pretty mountains. And know that someday soon, I will be living there again, in my forever home.

So Many Kids, So Much Fun

I’m so excited I have to share! Not that I expect any of you to be excited with me, but that’s ok :p

I was hoping for a big trick-or-treat turnout this year and thats exactly what I got. We almost ran out of candy and we definitely ran out of toys. I was a little sad about that. I love how excited the little ones get for the toys. Next year I will be prepared! I told the kids one toy only, but those little devils! sneaking extras before I could catch ’em and I didn’t want to tell them to put something back and make them sad. lol.

Part of my enthusiasm for trick-or-treaters comes from being childfree. I don’t want my own kids. I don’t even feel comfortable being around other people’s kids for too long, but I love giving presents. I like to see their faces light up and enjoy that brief moment of happiness without any of the awkwardness that would come from longer encounters. I am very very awkward with kids past the first, “hello aren’t you cute” greeting.

We didn’t have a lot of decor and I didn’t even have a costume this year, but I had wonderfully dramatic bat wing earrings, so that has to count for something, right?

And now, some pictures:

The treat table (candy, halloween dolls, halloween character paratroopers, candy corn playing cards, pumpkin checkers);

Halloween Table

I had many more dolls, about 20 I think, but only a few in the buckets at a time.

Our minimal, but cute outdoor decor:


My bat earrings, because I love them and you should too 😉


My Thoughts on Incense

Incense and spiritual rituals go together like calculators and math. There is some math that you can do without a calculator. You can even be really stubborn and insist on doing as much as you can without one – but at some point, it’s no longer practical if even possible.

This is how I feel about incense. I am trying to be stubborn and figure out all manner of ritual and offering techniques that don’t require it, but try as i might, I keep running into a “need” for that noxious health hazard.

Incense has a long, continuos history of use in almost every religion across the globe, but does that mean it’s necessary? I tend to validate my beliefs and practices by taking note of trends which transcend time, culture, and geographic space. If the collective human mind finds merit to it, there must be something there.

However, some cultures break away from parts of the collective as new information becomes available to them. Smoking (tobacco or anything else) used to be the thing to do (for ritual, meditation, or just because). It still is a thing today, obviously, and that’s all fine and well – but health conscious people no longer partake.

The most common place to find incense is in New-Age stores, where a large portion of customers are vegan and/or keep their mind and body healthy through yoga and meditation, the latter of which frequently involves the use of incense. Sure, they can keep their windows open, or not use it every day, etc. – but why is it necessary at all? There are other, more healthy, methods of aromatherapy available if scent-induced calm is its only purpose.

When it comes to religious ritual, it’s not only about the aroma. It’s also about a sacrifice to the gods. Technically, the smoke itself is the sacrifice, but to me, I feel like I am making a sacrifice of my health by inhaling some of it. Even if I only burn it as long as absolutely necessary for the ritual – I have to wonder, do the gods really want me to inhale all this crap for the sake of sacrifice? I really don’t think so. There are plenty of other offerings that the gods accept (especially in liquid form). I’ve heard  that smoke makes offerings more accessible to the deities, which might make sense, but then does this mean that other offerings are pointless?

So far, I’ve reasoned out using incense for meditation or sacrifice. That leaves purification. Incense, including sage and herb bundles for smudging, is used to purify a space. I find this slightly ironic. I’m purifying the space by suffocating my pets? If I have to open the windows in order to purify my house after “purifying” with something else, then I don’t see the point. However, in the case of banishing negative energies, one might reason that the noxious fumes are just as noxious to the bad things as they are to me – so of course they are going to get the heck out of the way. In that sense, incense might as well be likened to pesticides. Sure, it kills the bugs – but it slowly kills us too.

Before you write me off as a complete killjoy – I don’t hate incense. I’m trying to reduce my exposure to it, but I absolutely love the smell of nag champa. It reminds me of my grandmother’s house. I keep boxes of it in my closet so that the smell gets on some of my stuff. Sometimes, I’ll burn it unattended (I know, bad bad…) so that I can return to the left over aroma without having to experience the smoke. It’s not entirely a matter of health, though. Yes, I am health conscious – but I like a cupcake as much as the next person. We are all going to die and no one lives such a perfect life to keep themselves as healthy as possible to the end. Some people abstain from pleasures, but this too is unhealthy.

Health aside, incense smoke causes me physical discomfort – especially to my eyes. It’s terrible. I can’t enjoy being around it, healthy or not, unless I am outdoors. My last ritual I did outdoors and I used incense, it was lovely. I even had the smell of it in my hair all day. But I can’t always do my rituals outdoors.

I recently purchased some core-less pure incense sticks – supposedly they cut down on the irritants. If I can tolerate them, I may try to use them occasionally for some of my offerings – but I still don’t understand why I should have to. As far as making offerings to the fire for my ADF rituals – rather than use a censer and charcoal – an oil burner seems sufficient. Oil or potpourri is transformed by the fire of a candle, so it should be a suitable substitute. Consecrating the sacred center is where I’m still on the fence. All the ADF ritual guides suggest incense in addition to asperging. I don’t see why I can’t just do the asperging. Or why I can’t use fire – pick up one of the candles and circle it around the area.

In the end, it’s really up to me, though it’s hard to break a tradition and feel like I’m still doing it “right.” It’s also hard to force myself into tradition against my better judgement.

If I can find an incense that doesn’t irritate my eyes too much, I will use it from time to time as one of the guilty pleasures I allow into my life, but I won’t do it because I have to or because I think the gods require it of me.

Wordpress Absconded With My Customization


Please excuse any random changes to my page as I try to sort out the issue.

My blog was working just fine before dinner. I did nothing to it since the customizations disappeared. The customizer tool is not working either. If I try to put my header image back, it won’t save. Neither will a change to the back ground color. I tried a couple other themes to see if the problem was unique to the theme I was using. Gah. So frustrating. Computer generated hocus pocus :/

I’m Pretty Tired, I Think I’ll Quit School Now

I’ve been in school for a very long time. Not continuously; there have been breaks, but the breaks were always with pending school in mind. School has always been my happy place. It didn’t matter if I was in a private school, a public school, a homeschool (I was homeschooled for a short while), or a university. I have simply felt at home surrounded by academia.

You might ask why I needed school after the required years were over. Can’t I study on my own? Why yes, yes I can. I’ve never had a problem with independent learning. But I like the school environment – the checkpoints I have to pass in order to get various rewards (stickers, grades, etc) and level up.

I often think of my life as one big video game RPG (yeah, I’m weird). I translate even the smallest mundane tasks into important quests in my head and imagine that I need to finish said task in order to obtain another piece of the map, or whatever it is that I imagine up at the time. This gets me through many unpleasant errands and chores, especially those in bad winter weather, when I don’t feel like going out.

School was an easy way to realize a portion of my life-game outside of my imagination. I didn’t have to pretend that I was leveling up, because I really did.

I started college at 17 as a physics major. My parents agreed to pay for no more than 4 years of college, so it was important that I was efficient with my time there. My first semester was wrought with drama and unfortunate events, so I took the next semester off to get my stuff together. I had changed my major to art just before the end of my first semester. My parents weren’t terribly impressed. As good parents will do, they worried about my future and the practicality of an art degree. They tried to compromise and suggest that I do graphic design instead of froo froo studio arts. I tried to compromise their compromise and suggested animation. I applied to a graphic arts school for animation and was accepted, but another series of setbacks and drama prevented me from going (probably for the best). I don’t think I’d be too happy in today’s animation world. I preferred pencil and paper drawing, not computer tech magic (incidentally, I stopped drawing after this didn’t pan out). My interest in animation was also tied to an interest in film making in general. I considered majoring in film at the local university, but there was a waiting list. I compromised with English thinking “hey, maybe I can be a screen writer.”  As you can see, my “efficient” first four years wasn’t starting out so efficient. My parents were unsettled about my flighty interests and lack of career-oriented plans, but they still guaranteed four-years of funding. Somehow I ended up making a deal with them that I would finish in the originally allotted time (despite the semester set back) in order to secure their confidence in me that I would, indeed finish. So I completed my English degree in 3 years time, making liberal use of summer classes and 20+ credit hour semesters. I also worked part time, so it was quite a challenge. But I did it. And I did it all with stellar grades. I would have had a perfect GPA if not for my first mess-up semester in physics.

Oh, physics. How I love you. How I hate you.

No one told me to major in physics. I wasn’t following orders from my parents. I really wanted to study physics. I had been certain that I wanted to be an astrophysicist since I was 14. Before that, I wanted to be a marine biologist. Either way, science was my jam.

I had skipped a grade before entering high school, but I didn’t skip ahead in math. So, when I started college, I had no calculus background. This wasn’t so unusual. Many students enter college without having taken calculus in high school. But it kinda mattered since I wanted to take the calculus-based physics class, the honors version no less. Other students had successfully taken calculus and physics concurrently and I though I was good enough to do so as well. That didn’t work out for me. A combination of non-academic related issues and my damaged pride (no longer the smartest fish in the pod) led me to give up.

After I graduated, I immediately regretted not following through with physics. I was full of what-ifs. I met my future husband a few days after graduating. He proposed a few months later and agreed to help me go back to school. A year went by before the marriage, and then another semester of waiting before I began my physics studies again. This time, I finished. Not without a lot of stress and effort, mind you. I struggled the first few semesters. Again, life got in the way of my focus. Getting married, moving to a state that I absolutely hated, and thousands of miles from my family – it was a lot to adjust to. But I carried on and eventually got the diploma to prove that I did it. I can even proudly say that my final semester grades in physics were all As. I waffled about continuing to graduate school or teaching high school physics. I was enrolled in a teacher training program for a year, but that didn’t work out. I decided that completing the physics degree was more about proving to myself that I could rather than planning for a future in it (although, I still have moments when I wonder what-if). By the time I finished physics, I was sorely missing literature and humanities studies. I immediately enrolled for a double major in anthropology and German. Now that I was all on my own for funding (no more grants and no more family), I needed to consider efficiency again. Anthropology had to go. I finished German short of three credits to a degree (through no fault of my own – the school just left me hanging and I would have had to put off graduate school for a year just for those three nagging credits, so I let it be).

Well, here I am, finally in graduate school (finished my first year in Comparative Literature) and finally feeling like Forest Gump when he was done running. Is it graduate school in particular or just school? graduate school is certainly something else, but I think I would have loved my time here a lot more when I was younger. I’m just tired now. I’m tired, and I want to do something else besides school. I feel like I will disappoint some people. My husband and some of my other family was hoping I’d get a Ph.D. But I’m really tired. And I’m getting too old for this. I **am** too old for this. I want to enjoy life a little, rather than be tied down by a thousand after school assignments and such. I want to come home and watch TV without feeling guilty for having more important things to do.

I’d like to have more time for my hobbies too. Perhaps even open an Etsy store or start a tea business. So many other things I want to do and school is no longer one of them.

I still have a year left of my Master’s program. I’m going to try to stick it out. I’m getting paid as a TA and tuition is covered, so I might as well. But we’ll see. I’m definitely not going for a PhD though.

ASMR and the Amazing Internet

I never fail to be amazed by the power of the internet. Everything and everyone previously considered rarities of the world come together on the internet and give us the impression that they are not so rare after all. The most crazy and obscure lifestyles can be googled and entire communities found for things as unusual as “adult babies.”

The irony of the increasingly globalized world is that the more we mingle with it, the more isolated we feel in the long run. The internet gets a bad rap for destroying “real” personal relationships, but I think that it acts as a necessary side-kick to globalization.

Long ago, people lived in smaller isolated communities. Culture and tradition was strong within each group. The larger communities became, the harder it was to hold onto shared experiences and tradition. Individuality is wonderful, but when everyone is so unique that we can hardly identify with our own neighbor, it makes for a lonely world.

Introductory ramble over, let me get to the original inspiration for this post. Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR. A phenomenon completely unknown to the world a few years ago, although many people experienced it long before it was a “thing.” Without the internet, it would probably still be an unknown, experienced by a lucky few who each think they are the only one in the world who experiences it. I am one of these.

For the most part, I thought nothing of it. When something triggered my ASMR, I appreciated the experience, but I rarely sought it out on purpose. For some reason, I never associated a particular trigger with the response except for while it was happening. I’d listen to a hang drum (one of my triggers) and think, “oh yeah, hang drums! I forgot how nice those are!” And I might spend the next 15 minutes or so looking up videos of people playing the hang drum (or a marimba or tibetan singing bowl). The sound alone is a mild trigger, but its stronger when I can also see the person playing the instrument.

Watching someone write on a chalk board is also a trigger. But I rarely appreciated it. It made me sleepy in math class. In fact, I used to attribute the sensation to lack of sleep and stuffy air in the class room. I took to ordering a triple shot of espresso before class in college to ensure that I would stay awake. I recently learned that my brother, too, is triggered by this and he also thought of it as an annoyance.

When I think even father back to my childhood, one of my earliest triggers was watching my mother doodle. She loved to draw house plan designs on graph paper. I don’t think she was ever aware that I liked watching her draw, and usually I didn’t creep around her shoulder for too long at a time so she wouldn’t wonder what the heck was wrong with me. haha.

ASMR was coined as a term in 2010, having gone by a few other names in the years following up to its widespread internet presence. I only heard about it last year. I was watching a video by one of the people I follow on youtube and she decided to make an ASMR video just for fun. Having no idea what that meant, I looked it up and discovered the larger ASMR community on youtube. What an exciting day that was! To find out that I am not the only one. Don’t get me wrong, being one-of-a-kind is fun, but not so much when no one can even understand what i am talking about when I explain my “unique” experience.

I had only ever mentioned it a few times before. To my mother, sister, and husband. I described it as the “warm fuzzies.” Not that the sensation is particularly “warm” but I really had no idea how to explain to it people whom I thought didn’t experience it. I have since learned that my husband is triggered by certain types of music (his music triggers are more complex than my simple percussion triggers) but when I described it to him, he didn’t make the correlation. I think because he thought that a music trigger was something unrelated to the other triggers that I mentioned to him. It seems that only two members of my family (besides myself) experience it. They, along with my husband, only have one type of trigger, wheres I am triggered by almost everything since discovering ASMR videos. There are a few exceptions. (update: it turns out that my husband was right about his sensation being different – apparently he and my sister both experience music frisson, but not ASMR. This would also explain why they are triggered by more complex music than my simple percussion-melody triggers – I do not experience frisson. It is possible for people to experience both, however)

Having a sensory processing disorder, I am sensitive to just about every olfactory, auditory, and visual stimuli there is. This goes both ways. the sensation can pleasurable, but also painful. Physically painful. I like taping, but if someone slides their nails in a particular direction on an object (not making a sound though), my teeth and face hurt. Same if someone slides a sticky object like a lint roller on a dry surface, even if only for a second. Sometimes i don’t know what will affect me negatively ahead of time and I have been unexpectedly offended by a few ASMR videos.

Although it seems like ASMR is fairly common considering how popular it is on youtube, I am curious to know how common it really is. I wonder if everyone is capable of experiencing it if they train the ability. For those who have it, I wonder if they are more likely to have only a few triggers, or many. Also, I am especially curious if there is any correlation between sensory processing disorder and the quality of the ASMR experience.

I am looking forward to more scientific research!

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Rock hound. Tarot Reader. Nerdy goofball. Solitary Practitioner.

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Exploring Myself and the Northern Shaman Path

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Musings of a New Heathen

Whispers of Yggdrasil

A personal journal to share my artistic works, to write about Norse shamanism and traditional paganism, European History, Archaeology, Runes, Working with the Gods and my personal experiences in Norse shamanic practices.